On life’s vast ocean diversely we sail, reason the card, but passion is the gale.

Alexander Pope

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SV CrossRoads

Crossroads is a 50 ft Light-Displacement Racer build for single handed racing around the world (BOC, Around Alone) and start in Class Group CSA Monohull Racing. Was designed by Philipe Carbon and built in the Netherland at the Mekon Shipyard in Lemmer in 1995 for the Dutch sailor, journalist and adventurer Peter Stuivenberg. The boat was designed with the idea in mind of a safe, fast sailing boat capable to be competitive in the toughest regattas in the world, like the Vendee Globe. Though she is a boat of some years ago and not anymore competitive in such regattas, she can still perform very well and give lots of sailing performances in the good hands. With her sturdy aluminium construction, Crossroads is a very reliable and safe boat for ocean sailing.

The hull speed is 9.03 knots, on the wind. Downwind the yacht can lift over the bow wave and ride on top of the water, that is, planing. Therefore, we cruise fast at 10 to 14 knots and we race downwind 20 knots plus.
If you are looking for the romantic and powerful synergy between wind and sails, for a life that balances between extremities, for die-hard unforgettable fun, the adrenalin kick, the beauty of energised and lightning plankton awakened by the speed of the yacht, back-to-earth simplicity and Racing under RORC rules, then this yacht might be your mate, your pal.

Interior, sleeping and privacy

Up to 2017 the CrossRoads was a typical Racer focused on performance; an empty interior, no furniture and even no toilet!
In 2017 we build a vacuum bagged light weight interior around the keel. Two single bunks on both sides of the keel (a total of 4), a navigation area with opposite a galley and a toilet and 2 semi double bunks a little bit after. The space in front of the mast is for sails combined with a fridge. The space under and after the cockpit is for the 29 HP engine and a 5.5 kVa generator.

Thanks to modern technology we kept the weight the same, while adding the cruising comforts we desire. The galley is top notch with induction cooking. The deep cockpit is very safe. The saloon is naturally lightened by 12 quite big 12mm acrylic windows. Through the windows you see the sea and the mast and the sails, which gives you a ‘Space Odyssey’ feeling. The toilet has a sink and very convenient during racing.
We designed 4 single bunks on both sides of the keel (2 x 2) without losing privacy, simply by using curtains. And thanks to the watch system one of these 2 bunks will always be empty.
The aft bunks are very private; more than half of the bunk is situated under the cockpit, totally separated from the rest of the interior. Mostly the skipper sleeps in the aft bunk on port, which is directly behind the navigation desk and next to the entrance to the cockpit. The bunk on starboard is available for a couple.
The CrossRoads despite its length of 50ft only takes 6 guests and 2 crew. To keep the yacht ’empty’ and therefore ‘light’ and ‘not having too many persons on top of each other’ is our sailing and business philosophy.

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